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Ivan Kozak

Director, Ukraine

Instructor, Director

Introducing Ivan Kozak, a seasoned individual whose journey spans continents and cultures. As a model, he seamlessly navigated between the US and Europe, immersing himself in the diverse tapestry of over 20 countries. These experiences shaped him into an individual known for efficiency and reliability in any task at hand.

When the ominous clouds of a full-scale Russian invasion loomed over Ukraine, Ivan took decisive action. Alongside his partner, they founded an NGO dedicated to supporting Ukraine. This endeavor involved providing crucial training on Ukrainian soil and ensuring the availability of essential equipment for those on the front lines.

In 2022, Ivan assumed the role of Director for another prominent Ukrainian organization. His leadership during this period equipped him with invaluable insights and skills, laying the foundation for a more profound impact on the welfare of Ukraine.

Now, as a proud member of Atlas Global Aid, Ivan brings his wealth of experience and commitment to the cause. His multifaceted background, ranging from the world of fashion to the front lines of humanitarian efforts, uniquely positions him to contribute meaningfully to the mission of Atlas Global Aid. Ivan's journey is a testament to resilience, adaptability, and a deep-seated dedication to the betterment of Ukraine.

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