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Phil Stevens

Logistics/ Engineer

USMC, Purple Heart Recipent, Saftey Management/ Engineering

Meet Phil Stevens, a former US Marine with a deep commitment to humanitarian causes, currently playing a crucial role in Atlas Global Aid's mission in Ukraine. Hailing from the Detroit Metropolitan area of Michigan, Phil graduated from High School in 2008 and promptly enlisted in the US Marines as an infantryman.

Phil's military journey was marked by distinction, serving with valor in two battalions: 1st Battalion 2nd Marines and 1st Battalion 6th Marines. His dedication earned him a Purple Heart during his second deployment in Afghanistan. Transitioning to civilian life, Phil took on roles as a Safety Manager for various companies, including those in engineering and construction. Concurrently, he pursued a degree in Business Management.

Driven by an unwavering passion for making a positive impact, Phil found his calling in humanitarian work. Witnessing the unfolding war in Ukraine, he chose to align himself with Atlas Global Aid, driven by the desire to provide crucial assistance to those affected. In his role, Phil is responsible for the efficient delivery of supplies to those in need and adeptly manages Atlas's media presence.

Dedicated and driven, Phil Stevens epitomizes the spirit of service, consistently striving to enhance the lives of those in need through his efforts with Atlas Global Aid.

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