The success of our efforts is owed, in large part, to the following partners.

Logo for Protection Group Denmark

Protection Group Denmark

Since 2013, Protection Group Denmark has been supplying frontline professionals with high quality body armor and ballistic helmets to protect those who protect us. All products are produced from the best materials from the leading manufacturers in the world. They only use thoroughly tested materials which stop the most advanced threats.

They provide us with body armor, helmets, and cold weather gear.

Logo for Project Leaflet

Project Leaflet

ProjectLeaflet, along with Battles & Beers, provides us with media support as well as assistance with project growth more generally.

Logo for NorArm Tactical

NorArm Tactical

A veteran owned tactical brand based in Norway, NorArm Tactical produces military apparel made from experience.

NorArm Tactical provides our uniforms.

Logo for Polish Riflemen's Association

Polish Riflemen's Association

A pro-defense, cultural, and educational organization created in 1910, the Riflemen's Association (Związek Strzelecki) played in important role in providing military training to young Poles prior to WWI.

Our partnership with them provides us critical assistance with logistics, legal issues, and supplies.

Logo for Battles & Beers

Battles & Beers

Battles & Beers provides Atlas with media help, as well as assistance with project growth more generally.

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